Look for the light blue umbrella !

No need to book, just show up

Free Walking Tour
LE PANIER Historic neighborhood

Join us to explore this wonderful city aged of 2.600 years on a two hours walking tour through which we will get on an exciting journey.

    Only based on tips ! You decide what it is worth.

    No need to book, just show up !


    Every day at 10am.

    Tours en español:

    Todos los dias a las 11am y los Viernes también a las 15:30hs.


    About 2 hours.


    English at 10am.

    Español a las 11am y los Viernes también a las 15:30hs.



    We’ll be waiting for you with our light blue umbrella at the exit “Vieux Port” of the metro 1, under the mirror canopy, next to the water.

    No need to book, just show up !

Other tours

Meet us at the bus stop « Notre Dame de la Garde » (bus number 60) to start a great tour during which we’ll have the best view ever over Marseille, from the city’s most famous place, Notre Dame de la Garde.

Meet us on the Place La Joliette right in front of the HSBC bank (the guide will be there with a light blue umbrella) to start our tour during which we’ll get to see Marseille from both angles, the new and the old Marseille.

Meet us at the bus stop “Le Pharo” (bus 82 et 83) to start our tour along Marseille’s seaside !

From the Pharo palace until Malmousque, we’ll have a great time ! and even have the chance to jump into in the mediterranean sea at the end of the tour.

You like finding different landscape and new cultures ? come explore the district of Noailles with us. Through the colorful streets, you are going to taste unique specialities in little charming restaurants and shops and find out the secret of this city….