One of the most polular calanques. You’ve certainly heard of this calanque when you arrived in Marseille. Here you’ll find a rocky beach in a breathtaking creek.

No restaurants or bars here so, get your food before venturing on the path to Sugiton.

How to get there:

  • Get to Luminy: from Castellane get the bus number 21 up to the last station (Luminy).
  • As soon as you get of the bus, you’ll find yourself in the university campus, do not worry!! you are still on holidays. You will find the path that leads to the Calanque of Sugiton in front of you. You have to hick straight down for around 40 minutes before arriving at one of the most amazing places you’ll ever see.

sugiton 01

Please, think about taking a big bottle of water with you! It might get very hot and we do not want you to have a bad time.

To check buse’s timetable:


Quick tip: In the middle of the way you will get to a clear where you’ll find one path on your left, one path straight dow and another one on your right, and if you look up on your right you’ll perceive a point of view. It is really worth it to hick 15 more minutes to get up there from where you’ll be able to have a glince of both calanques Morgiou and Sugiton, before keep on going down again until the creek.

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