First calanque (from west to east) of Marseille. Here you’ll find a sandy beach in a beautiful and relaxing place.

You can even have lunch or dinner at the only restaurant in site, the famous “Chez le Belge”. Be careful, do not expect a fancy place with a large menu. Only 2 options: spareribs or spaguetti and crêpes as dessert.

As you can imagine: no internet, no electricity and no credit card! Real holidays 🙂

How to get there:

  • Get to Callelongue: from Castellane get the bus number 19 up to the last station (Madrague de Montredon). Once you get off the bus, you have to take another one from the same place, a smaller bus, number 20 and get off at the end of the journey. You are in Callelongue.
  • As soon as you get of the bus, and right in front of a restaurant called “La Grotte”, you will see the path that leads to the Calanque of Marseilleveyre. You have to hick following the sea for around 40 minutes before arriving at paradise.



Please, think about taking a big bottle of water with you! It might get very hot and we do not want you to have a bad time.

To check buse’s timetable:


Quick tip: right before getting to Callelongue, you’ll pass by “Les Goudes”, a small fishermen village where you can have a beer at the original pub 2000 lieues sous la bière watching the best sunset ever.

From there you can also hick only 10 minutes up to “La baie des Singes” and admire “L’île Maire”.


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