Another typical dish in Marseille – and much cheaper than the “bouillabaisse”

Its name comes from the provençal language and it is a mixture of two words meaning “oil” and “garlic”

What is it?

It is a sauce made of garlic, olive oil, salt and egg (only the yellow part).

It is made and consummed all around the mediterranean sea, so the receipt may vary slightly depending on the city or region where it is made. In Marseille, apart from the basic ingredients, we also incorporate lemon juice (and mustard sometimes).

How is it served in Marseille?

You’ll find a large plate with the aïoli in the middle and plenty of things around which you are supposed to eat with the sauce, such as fish, seafood, eggs, potatoes, carrots and green beans, among others and depending on the restaurant.

Our selection of restaurants where to find the best Aïoli:

Both of them are situated in “Le Panier” neighborhood! Make the free walking tour with us and we’ll pass by them.

Bon appétit!

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