The most typical dish in Marseille!

Its name comes from the provençal word “bolhabaissa”, a mix of two verbs “bolhir” (to boil) and abaissar (to reduce heat).

Originally, it was a poor fishermen’s dish which they made out of the bony rockfish not good enough to be sold to restaurants or markets.

What’s inside?

There must be at leat 3 kind of fish between:

Red Sascasse, Sea robin, European conger, Gilt-head bream, Turbot, Monkfish, Mullet or European hake. It can also includes shellfish and other seafood.

Vegetables (specially leeks, onions, tomatoes, celery, and potatoes) are also part of the receipt. The broth is traditionally served with a rouille (very common in south France and mostly in Marseille) made of olive oil, garlic, saffron, and cayenne pepper, and always served on garlic bread.

So far you may be saying to yourself: “this is just a fish soup”, right? Well, the special touch you’ll find in the “bouillabaisse” are the provençal herbs used to flavor up the broth and the way the whole dish is cooked and served: fish are boiled one at a time adding them to the receipt “au fur et à mesure” and the broth is served before the fish… letting you enjoy this plasure in two times.

Important thing to know! be ready to pay for it, because the real “bouillabaisse” cost between 45 and 70€ the dish.

Wanna know the best places where to taste it?

  • Chez Michel. Authentic place right in front of the beach.
  • Le Rhul. An institution in Marseille.
  • Chez Fonfon. Located in a very nice small port, le “Vallon des Auffes”.
  • Le Miramar. Right on the old port (Vieux Port), at the city center.
  • Le Grand Bar des Goudes. At the very south of Marseille in the amazing fishermen village called “Les Goudes”.

Bon appétit!!


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