Located in the exact spot where the city was founded, the old port of Marseille (meeting point for the Marseille Free Walking Tour), it is still a very busy place, specially after Marseille was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2013.

To get there you just have to take the metro 1 (blue line) and get off at the sation Vieux Port, but you can go also by bus and tramway.

Once you are at the old port, if you are looking towards the sea, on your right you’ll have the oldest neighborhood in Marseille called “Le Panier”, which you can visit with us! but the nightlife goes on at the south part of the port, to your left.

Le “Quai de Rive Nueve” is the perfect place to make a pub crawl thanks to its irish pubs:

Just 2 minutes away from the Old Port, there is la rue Sainte (Sainte street). This place has been changing a lot since the last 2 years becaming one the main places where to get together with your friend and have a drink (a bit more chic that the “Cours Julien” and the Old Port, though).

You’ll be able to find good restaurants and bars all along the street.

Our recommendations:


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