Is there a most representative drink for Marseille? No!

Pastis is what we drink here all the time, specially in summer during bbq’s, at the moment of the “apéro” when you get together with your friends before having dinner or playing Marseille’s favourite sport “La Pétanque”.

But also in winter because you never get tired of Pastis here. Inside an old and typical bar but also in Irish pubs (yes, you can find pastis in Irish pubs) or un modern and trendy places.

Introduced by Paul Ricard at the beginning of the 30’s, the Pastis has a huge popularity in south of France and all around the mediterranean sea. However, it is not the exact same drink depending on the coutry. The clearest example is the Ouzo in Greece which might get close to the pastis flavor.

It is as an anise-flavored drink, bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV (pastis) or 45% ABV (pastis de marseille). It obtains its anise flavor from a distillation of star anise, a herb of Asian origin.

Feeling like watching how it is made? Check out this artisanal factory located in the city:

To consume with moderation!

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