Marseille Beer Tour


Who said that there is only wine in south of France?

Marseille has many things to offer, and one of them is its new brewing culture!

During the last few years, the breweries are appearing in this beautiful city which pushed us to ask ourselves 2 questions:

Who does not like to travel?

Who does not like beer?

So, we decided to combine both things to put together the perfect tour!

Beginning in the brewery of La Plaine, with simple and quality beers since 2013, in La Plaine neighborhood. Invented to please friends, it was so successful that it has spread all over Marseille and beyond.
Here we will taste their beer while all its secrets will be reveal by its creators.

On our way to the next brewery, we’ll stop in front of Marseille’s prefecture to admire this beautiful building and learn about all its history.

After a 15 minutes walk, we’ll reach La Minotte, a small brewery where we will find blond, black and amber beers 100% original and refreshing.

Here we’ll also taste their beer and see how it is done

Is there a better way to end the tour with still more beer tasting, sitting at a table in the Cave Victor?

Located in the center of Marseille, just a stone’s throw from the picturesque old port and one of the new nightlife spots of the city, the Cave Victor is a temple dedicated to hops and malt, where to delight our palates while tasting other local beers (from Marseille or La Provence region), at the same time that we enjoy great regional cold meat.

Before entering the Cave Victor, we would love to take you right in front of the Saint Victor’s abbey to introduce you to the history of the oldest city in France while having one the best views over the Old Port.


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  • Every Thursday at 14:15hs (booking compulsory)


  • In english but we can also translate everything into spanish and french


How much?

  • 35€ / person

Want to join us? Send us an e-mail!

Do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any question or if you want to make a private beer tour.