Join us discover this beautiful city !

Join us to explore this wonderful city aged of 2.600 years on a two hours walking tour through which we will get on an exciting journey. Starting with the beautiful old port, a natural cove and the birthplace of the city, this is where it all began! Then we will enter the oldest neighberhood in France. « Le Panier » visiting its monuments, going through the new Hotel Dieu, which opened for the event « Marseille Provence 2013 » during which Marseille was the european capital of culture. Then, we will take the ``Montée des Acoules`` in order to get to the Panier district culminating our tour just two steps away from the Mucem, new icon of Marseille. The museum of the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean is one of the most visited places in Marseille thanks to its modern architecture linked to the Fort St. John, which host beautiful exhibitions as well. This walk will help us assiste to the change and modernization taking place in Marseille since the last few years.

Why? Because we want you to determinate the value of the experience. From the very begining we fell in love with Marseille and that is why we want to share this passion with you and we believe the best way to do this is to let you contribute to this project in your own way.

To recognize us, look for the Marseille Free Walking Tour logo under the mirror ceiling, located at the exit « Vieux Port » of Metro Line 1, right next to the water.

  • English tours

    Fri, Sat and Sun at 10am.

    Tours en español

    Los Viernes a las 15:30hs y los Sabados y Domingos a las 11am.


    About 2 hours.


    English at 10am.

    Español a las 11am y los Viernes también a las 15:30hs.


    We’ll be waiting for you with our light blue umbrella at the exit « Vieux Port » of the metro 1, under the mirror canopy, next to the water.

    No need to book, just show up !

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