Co-founder and tour guide

Where am I from ? Casbas, Buenos Aires, Argenitna

My passion? To travel

My favourite place in Marseille ? Malmousque

My favourite provençal dish ? Kebab with aïoli :p

A must-do in Marseille ? The Marseille Free Walking Tour !

I am an anthropologist by profession, historian by vocation, photographer by the love of art and above all passionate about traveling to know different cultures and realities. That’s why, a long time ago, I left home and started travelling through Latin America, with my backpack as my only companion. Arriving in Mexico, I met a French girl and fell in love… And that is how 4 years ago, I found myself catapulted across the Atlantic Ocean to continue my adventure in the oldest city in France, Marseille – beautiful and mixed, not speaking a word of French and without a penny in my pocket. I was immediately snapped up by the Phocaean city where I now continue my journey taking advantage of its breathtaking beauty every day.

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Tour guide

Where am I from ? Alicante, España

My passion? To teach, to travel and to be in touch with different cultures

My favourite place in Marseille ? Frioul islands

My favourite provençal dish ? All of them !!

A must-do in Marseille ? Visit the Frioul islands, obviously

I am from Alicante and I moved to Marseille to work as a languge assistan. I could have moved to any city in France but I chose Marseille attracted by its weather, its people and its beautiful sea, the same that baths the coasts of my native Alicante, it was very important for me to feel as home as possible.

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Tour guide

Where am I from ? Barinas, Venezuela

My passion? To travel

My favourite place in Marseille ? The Pharo parc

My favourite provençal dish ? The Panisses

A must-do in Marseille ? Notre Dame de la Garde, always

I am Mattew, a Venezuelan journalist, of Caribbean pride, but of European heart, in love with the art and culture of the ‘old continent’. I left the ‘glamor’ of TV and the media to pursue my dream of knowing the world and show it to the rest of the people through tourism and social networks. Chasing an Italian woman through Europe, I arrived in Marseille and between the sea, the sun and the color of the sky, I stayed to tell stories about the oldest city in France. If I’m passionate about something, besides telling sports in the media, it’s sharing with people from all over the world, speaking in different languages and spreading my vision of the world as a tour guide. I am a citizen of the world; passionate, vehement.

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Tour guide

Where am I from ? Marseille !

My passion? Music

My favourite place in Marseille ? Le Panier neighborhood

My favourite provençal dish ? The Pissaladière

A must-do in Marseille ? To play Pétanque, Marseille’s national sport 🙂

I am Lisa, 25 years old, born in Marseille and graduated of journalistic training. I am also co-founder of “Cagole Nomade“, a local and eco-feminist clothing brand. I am a traveler who decided to came back home to change the image of my city, my beloved Marseille !

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Tour guide

Where am I from ? Porto Alegre, Brazil

My passion? To deep into the nature and the performing arts

My favourite place in Marseille ? Malmousque !

My favourite provençal dish ? The Sardines

A must-do in Marseille ? The Côte Bleu, Niolon

I am a Brazilian with many lives and many places traveled. I met Marseille 6 years ago and I was impressed by the cultural and geographical mix of the city. Thanks to the coincidences of life, I found in tourism a way to express myself and tell stories like in the theater. A way to connect with the history of the city and transmit it to its visitors. Thanks to my studies carried out in Brazil in 2011, I am a specialist in permaculture techniques used in self-sustaining communities and also in natural construction. Today, between home, nature and the road, what motivates me the most is to be in touch with other people.

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Tour guide

Where am I from ? Paris (ay, ay, ay)

My passion? To travel, to taste and to meet new people

My favourite place in Marseille ? Malmousque

My favourite provençal dish ? The Navettes des Accoules

A must-do in Marseille ? The Calanques National Park. The easy hiking from the “Madrague de Montredon” until “Samena”, via le “Mont Rose” or the hiking until Sugiton for those who want to walk a little bit more.

I’m a Marseillais by heart. I went to live in Berlin for ten years, where I was able to do my job as a passionate self-taught guide and improve my knowledge of foreign languages. Back in Marseille since June 2017, I am now working to discover the beauties of my beloved city. After proposing neighborhood visits to the locals, I joined the team of the Marseille Free Walking Tour with pleasure. In parallel, I am author for the famous guide Petit Futé, for the Marseille, Provence, Aix-en-Provence and the Calanques editions. I will accompany you and explain you willingly the little secrets of the Phocaean city, its hidden charms and amazing anecdotes.