The most typical dish in Marseille!

Its name comes from the provençal word “bolhabaissa”, a mix of two verbs “bolhir” (to boil) and abaissar (to reduce heat).

Originally, it was a poor fishermen’s dish which they made out of the bony rockfish not good enough to be sold to restaurants or markets.

What’s inside?

There must be at leat 3 kind of fish, among:

Red Rascasse, Sea robin, European conger, Gilt-head bream, Turbot, Monkfish, Mullet or European hake. It can also includes shellfish and other seafood.

Vegetables (specially leeks, onions, tomatoes, celery, and potatoes) are also part of the receipt. The broth is traditionally served with a rouille (very common in south France and mostly in Marseille) made of olive oil, garlic, saffron, and cayenne pepper, and always served on garlic bread.

So far you may be saying to yourself: “this is just a fish soup”, right? Well, the special touch you’ll find in the “bouillabaisse” are the provençal herbs used to flavor up the broth and the way the whole dish is cooked and served: fish are boiled one at a time adding them to the receipt “au fur et à mesure” and the broth is served before the fish… letting you enjoy this plasure in two times.

Important thing to know! be ready to pay for it, because the real “bouillabaisse” cost between 45€ and 70€ the dish and you have to book it one day in advance.

Where to taste it?

Grand Bar des Goudes


Chez Aldo


Chez FonFon


Chez Michel

Le Miramar


Le Rhul



Another typical dish in Marseille – and much cheaper than the « bouillabaisse »

Its name comes from the provençal language and it is a mixture of two words meaning « oil » and « garlic »

What is it?

It is a sauce made of garlic, olive oil, salt and egg (only the yellow part).

It is made and consummed all around the mediterranean sea, so the receipt may vary slightly depending on the city or region where it is made. In Marseille, apart from the basic ingredients, we also incorporate lemon juice (and mustard sometimes).

How is it served in Marseille?

You’ll find a large plate with the aïoli in the middle and plenty of things around which you are supposed to eat with the sauce, such as fish (mainly Morue), seafood, eggs, potatoes, carrots and green beans, among others and depending on the restaurant.


Our selection of restaurants where to find the best Aïoli:

Le Clan des Cigales


Au Cœur du Panier



Oh les Panisses de l’Estaque!

Famous food from the north of Marseille (a port called « L’Estaque »). If you do not have much time to eat or if you prefer to have something « on the go » while visiting the city (maybe during our free walking tour!), this is the best option 🙂

You can find them almost everywhere in the city.

What is it? Could not be easiest:

Get chickpea flour, mix it with water in order to make a paste and fry it, or cook it in the oven.

The most typical froms are: rolls 20 cm long and 7 cm in diameter or discs 10 cm in diameter and about 2 cm thick.

Please, eat them while they are hot, they are much luch better that way.

Normally sold by the dozen or half dozen, it will make the deal if you are not very hungry or even is you are starving. Try it with a salad or the start of a meal.

Where to taste it?

La Boite à Panisses


Chez Leonce



Is there a most representative drink for Marseille? No!

Pastis is what we drink here all the time, specially in summer during bbq’s, at the moment of the « apéro » when you get together with your friends before having dinner or playing Marseille’s favourite sport « La Pétanque ».

But also in winter because you never get tired of Pastis here. Inside an old and typical bar but also in Irish pubs (yes, you can find pastis in Irish pubs) or un modern and trendy places.

Introduced by Paul Ricard at the beginning of the 30’s, the Pastis has a huge popularity in south of France and all around the mediterranean sea. However, it is not the exact same drink depending on the country. The clearest example is the Ouzo in Greece which might get close to the pastis flavor.

It is as an anise-flavored drink, bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV (pastis) or 45% ABV (pastis de marseille). It obtains its anise flavor from a distillation of star anise, a herb of Asian origin.

To consume with moderation!


Feeling like watching how it is made? Check out this artisanal factory located in the city:

Cristal Limiñana

Beer, Made in Marseille !

Bière de La Plaine

The first craft beer in Marseille. The Beers of La Plaine brewery are quality craft beers brewed since 2013 in the district of La Plaine in Marseille. Designed to please friends, they spread in the neighborhood, then throughout Marseille and beyond …. Find them in bottle or on the pressure, enjoy them at the bistro, the restaurant or on the beach as an aperitif. Inventive, neat, unpretentious but not without work, regularly awarded they are still beers made in and for the neighborhood.

A bio urban brewery, Marseille’s first organic beer, first beer stamped A.O.Q (… Appellation d’Origine de Quartier !): La Plaine beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized, always tasty and astonishing, they are carefully designed for the pleasure of taste.

Some places where to find them…

La Descente des Accoules


La Caravelle


La Cane Bière




La Minotte

Created in July 2015, the micro-brewery La Minotte is born from a desire to brew quality beers on a small scale. We produce 800 Hl of beer each year, with this constant concern to remain free and creative, proud to be craftsmen of taste.

Blonde, white, brown, amber, IPA … La Minotte multiplies genres and flavors with a range of 8 permanent beers brewed by hand, with all our know-how, and the desire to do better every day. We also brew each month ephemeral beers, seasonal or collaborative.

Our complex and generous beers are all of high fermentation, unfiltered, unpasteurized and fermented in bottle.

Concerned about the impact of our activity on the environment, we recycle all our waste, reduce our water consumption and use in our manufacturing process a minimum of detergents.

Located in Marseille, in the Capelette district (13010), La Minotte welcomes you from Monday to Thursday from 16h to 20h, Friday from 16h to 22h.

Lovers of the small mousse, come to discover how we work and taste one of our beers in our factory, in contact with the brewers.


Some places where to find them…

Le Marché des Docks


Made in Mediterrannée

Chez Georges

Compagnie des Vignes


Part Faite

The story of Part Faite is a story of love: between us first, with the beer, then with Marseille. We dreamed of an urban brewery to be closer to our customers. We moved to Marseille, and it’s not by chance! Lively, vibrant and colorful, the Cité Phocéenne, with its beaches and good food, is the ideal place to create our craft beers with a southern accent, made with french products 100% bio.

For a while now, Gonzalo was an amateur brewer and a beer enthusiast. In 2015 he chose to launch and devote his days to what he loved to do, soon joined by Laura, excited about this great adventure. Gonzalo has imagined the project alone, but they created it together, and it continues to feed on different meetings and collaborations. Under the sun of Marseille, we made a brewery that looks like us, to create beers that bring us together.

Les Buvards


Chez Fanny




Be Organic