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How long lasts the marseille free walking tour - visit marseille old town and marseille monuments

About 2 hours. But we can adapt the time to prepare a fully customized tour for you !


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Marseille tailor-made tours - Visit Mareille with Mrseille Private Tour

Some of mosts famous Marseille tours to visit marseille your own way !

Visit Marseille old town

Le Panier neighborhood

Visit Marseille old town

Le Panier neighborhood

Visit Marseille old town

Le Panier neighborhood

Do you want to enjoy a personalized tour just for you, your family or friends? This is the option you need!

Think about the Marseille tours we’d like to take and tell us what you would like to see or do in Marseille. Together, we will make a custom visit of Marseille so you can take advantage of your day in any way you like.

Touring the historic neighborhood, called “Le Panier”, walking through the artists’ neighborhood “Cours Julien”, climbing to Notre Dame de la Garde (one of the most famous Marseille monuments) to have the best views, visiting the coast of the city ​​on “La Corniche” or going up the main avenue “La Canebiere” … count on us to advise and build the best itinerary based on your tastes and needs.

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