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Yout guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point for the marseille free walking tour

Look for the light blue umbrella at the “Vieux Port” exit of the metro 1, under the mirror canopy.


MEETING POINT – Marseille Old Port

  Vieux Port exit - Metro 1

Greek ruins – Where it all started

  Marseille is the oldest city in France

Republique avenue

  And its beautiful architecture

Hôtel de Cabre + 2nd World War facts

  The oldest civil building of Marseille

Hôtel Dieu + Place Bargemon

Le Panier disctrict

  Among History, street art and local culture

Marseille cathedral

  La Major

Mucem + Villa Méditerranée

Fort St Jean

Our journey starts at the beautiful old port, from where we enter the oldest neighbourhood in France, the “Le Panier”. Going through Marseille monuments, you’ll see the new Hotel Dieu, which opened for the “Marseille Provence 2013” event, during which Marseille was labelled as the European capital of culture.

Through the ascent of Accoules, our guide will lead you to the “Place des Moulins” and will tell you about its magnificent history along with answering your questions. The tour finishes at the “Le Panier” district, only a few steps away from the Mucem museum, the new icon of Marseille, which is the most visited place in the city, thanks to the modern architecture linked to the Fort St. Jean. This monument presently offers many beautiful exhibitions and shows. This tour will help you to understand and witness the modernization process that has been taking place in Marseille since the last few years.

It will be our pleasure to tell you everything about other Marseille tours you may enjoy, more Marseille monuments to visit, the Calanques National Park, Marseille nightlife to find the best Marseille bars and pubs and what to see and do during your stay !


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