We’ll be on holidays from November until

February included !

See you again in March 2019 🙂

Free Walking Tour
LE PANIER Historic neighborhood

Join us to explore this wonderful city aged of 2.600 years on a two hours walking tour through which we will get on an exciting journey.

    Only based on tips ! You decide what it is worth.


    We’ll be on holidays since November until February included !

    See you again in March 2019 🙂


    About 2 hours.


    The tour will be in english

    Pero tambiém hablamos español asi que si se suman al tour en inglés, podremos traducir todo lo que necesiten 🙂


    We’ll be waiting for you with our light blue umbrella at the exit « Vieux Port » of the metro 1, under the mirror canopy, next to the water.


Hi there !

My name is Sebastian. I was born and raised in Bernal, South Buenos Aires where I lived until I was 23. At first, I studied to be an interior designer until a trip to Europe made me realize that my true passion was travelling and tourism. So on my return from the old continent, I immediately signed up for Tourism studies at one of the best universities in Buenos Aires. I was awarded my diploma as a tour guide as well as my Bachelors in Tourism in 2010. While studying, I also worked in travel agencies and hostels which is how I met my wife – a true « Marseillaise »! We lived together in Argentina and Uruguay before coming back to her motherland and settling here in the city of the sun: we just couldn’t resist its charm! In French, Spanish or English, I will do my best to share my knowledge and my passion about this city. See you soon!


Hello everybody !

What’s up? My name is Ezequiel and I was born in a small village of La Pampa Argentina. I am an anthropologist by profession, historian by vocation, photographer by the love of art and above all passionate about traveling to know different cultures and realities. That’s why, a long time ago, I left home and started travelling through Latin America, with my backpack as my only companion. Arriving in Mexico, I met a French girl and fell in love… And that is how 4 years ago, I found myself catapulted across the Atlantic Ocean to continue my adventure in the oldest city in France, Marseille – beautiful and mixed, not speaking a word of French and without a penny in my pocket. I was immediately snapped up by the Phocaean city where I now continue my journey taking advantage of its breathtaking beauty every day.