Pub Crawl Marseille


Enjoy the best bars in Marseille during our Marseille Pub Crawl

Yes, apart from our free tours you can also join us for our Pub Crawl Marseille ! The best way to really enjoy Marseille nightlife, the best bars in Marseille and meet new people. Awsome guides, great atmosphere and drinking games will be waiting for you !

We’ll party in 4 bars where FREE shots will be served and where surprises will be prepared for you. Follow your experienced guide throughout Marseille’s Old Port, one of the best places to have a blust in the city. Irish pubs, local bars, nightclubs and plenty of people gathered together within some blocks only.

Old Port (Vieux Port)


Located in the exact spot where the city was founded, the old port of Marseille (meeting point for the Marseille Free Walking Tour), it is still a very busy place, specially after Marseille was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2013.


To get there you just have to take the metro 1 (blue line) and get off at the sation Vieux Port, but you can go also by bus and tramway.


Once you are at the old port, if you are looking towards the sea, on your right you’ll have the oldest neighborhood in Marseille called « Le Panier », which you can visit with us! but the nightlife goes on at the south part of the port, to your left.

Le « Quai de Rive Nueve » is the perfect place to make a pub crawl thanks to its irish pubs:



Little Temple Bar




Queen Victoria


Bar de la Marine


The Shamrock


Rue Sainte

Just 2 minutes away from the Old Port, there is la rue Sainte (Sainte street). This place has been changing a lot since the last 2 years becaming one the main places where to get together with your friend and have a drink (a bit more chic that the « Cours Julien » and the Old Port, though).


You’ll be able to find good restaurants and bars all along the street.




Our recommendations:


La Ruche




Le Fietje


Chez Pedro & Moize

French Comptoir

téléchargement (1)

La Cave à Jambon


Takeria Loka

Cave Victor


La Plaine - Cours Julien


We are talking about the surroundings of « La Plaine » square (officialy « Place Jean Jaurès ») and « Le Cours Julien », right at the Exit Notre Dame du Mont of the metro 2 (red line).


One of the most lively places of Marseille, it is also an artistic neighborhood thanks the graffs decorating most of its walls, to all the artist settled here and to the live music you may find around.


During the day you can have lunch or just enjoy a cup of coffee in one of all the bars and restaurants in site and during the night go to a concert or get ready to have some drinks while crawling from bar to bar.

We recomend you:

Le Petit Nice


La Fiesta


Dos Hermanas


La Cantinetta


Bar de La Plaine


Baby Club


Le Molotov

BBF Molotov Pirlouiiiit

El Picoteo


Le Champ de Mars


La Tasca


Espace Julien


La Voie Maltée

L'Art Haché


L'Equitable Café


El Santo Cachon


Massilia Pub

La Joliette

From the “Docks” commercial center until the “Fort Saint Jean”, La Joliette is one of the new places where to go out in Marseille (during the week-end).

Its location right next to the Old Port makes it very accesible by foot or public transport. You should take the metro 2 (red line), get off at Joliette station and walk along the seaside towards the Old Port.


Or take any bus going towards the Mucem or Fort Saint Jean, like bus 60, 49 or 82, get off at “La Major” bus stop and you’ll be right there.


Under the beautiful Marseille’s cathedral and right next to the sea, you can find two or three bars, some restaurants, a night club and a great rooftop party at the “Terrasses du Port” commercial center (during high season).


Even if it is not a very crowded spot yet, you can spend some good times with good beer and friends.


Where to go?

Au Fut et à Mesure

Palais de la Major


White Rabbit