But what is a Free Walking Tour?

A free walking tour is a tip-based “free” visit! You wonder, but why would someone do his/her job for a free price? That is quite a SUCCESSFUL concept which is proven by the numerous Free Walking Tours around the world.

The idea is to make a free visit, fun, relaxed and full of History. Contrary to what is often said (I have read it and listened to it in several times), a free tour is not a visit where nothing is learned since the guide is usually a person with little or no training, a student who just wants to earn a few coins, or things like that … free tours have nothing to do with that!

FREE for the concept, not for the lack of quality

Free is part of the concept because the visit is free in several ways.
The first and the one that is given more importance is the fact of being able to pay what you decide, the FREE price. This, instead of giving the visitor mistrust, is intended to ensure that the tour will be the BEST visit they have ever made, since if the tour is not good the guide may receive a very low pay. This is why the guides of the free tours make all their effort and put everything in motion to make a pleasant, informative and fun visit. So that your remuneration is as high as possible. Guides, I would like to specify it, that in their great number are professionals, instructed and IN LOVE with the city they present.

Another “free” point in the concept is the fact that you do not need to book. You are free to come even if you have not given advance notice, in the same way that you are free to leave if the visit does not seem good to you or if you are not comfortable with what you are seeing / listening to.

The third “free” point, and one of the most important for me, is the freedom to PARTICIPATE. The idea in a free tour is not to have a guide who is talking continuously and a quiet group following behind. Everyone is free to participate with anecdotes, questions, remarks or complements to what the guide says.

Why visit Marseille with us?

We are the first Marseille Free Walking Tour in the city and an independent company founded by two friends madly in love with Marseille.
We have the great chance of being able to see this city with the eyes of a foreigner and a local at the same time since none of us is from here, but we have CHOSEN this beautiful and cosmopolitan place to settle for several years. And we have not tired of sharing our passion for Marseille since 2016!

To get the best stay in Marseille we recommend you to join one of our groups at the beginning of your trip

We will give you a very detailed overview of the historic quarter of the city, starting at the Old Port of Marseille before heading towards the Panier, the oldest quarter in France while visiting several monuments of Marseille. After two hours of walking, at a calm and relaxed pace, we will finish next to Fort St. Jean, an icon of the city.

But that is not all ! Our guides, very curious, outgoing and friendly people, will stay with you for as long as necessary answering your questions about what to see in Marseille, what to eat, what are the most important activities not to be missed (such as, how to get to the Calanques National Park?), Etc.

To conclude, we want to tell you that you will be more than welcome to join us whenever you want to be able to visit Marseille in the best way and it will be a pleasure to make you fall in love with this city in the same way that we are.

Do not hesitate any longer a book a place (without obligation;)) for an unforgettable visit!

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